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how to save your brain

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Avoid age-related memory loss, lack of focus and foggy thinking, even degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia with the tools, tips, and tested techniques revealed inside the pages of How To Save Your Brain.

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Introducing How To Save Your Brain
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Use the proven tools revealed inside this book to savor your precious memories and keep a healthy and fit mind intact, 
no matter what your age ...
12 Chapters of Cognitive Insights Including ...
  • Chapter One: Four Things You're Doing RIGHT NOW that are Shrinking Your Brain & Weakening Your Memory Heed the warning signs now and stop making these common mistakes!
  • Chapter Two: Is Your Brain Malnourished? The best, proven nutrients to support brain health. You can buy them over the counter and get started on a better memory today!  
  • Chapter Three: Five Superfoods Specially Selected For Brain Health One of them is chocolate – all five of them are easy, simple foods you've probably got in your pantry right now!
  • Chapter Four: Exercise Your Body & Boost Your Mind, Too! Scientists now know that just a little bit of exercise makes your mind sharper. But what's really amazing is that exercise enables your brain to grow new cells!
  • Chapter Five: Tone Your Brain Just Like A Muscle You can do a lot more than crosswords and jigsaw puzzles to keep your mind sharp. In fact, you can make your brain two years younger just by making a few key changes (and they cost nothing!)
  • Chapter Six: The Biggest risks for Alzheimer's and Dementia One of the major causes of Alzheimer's is a high level of this mineral in your blood. You may be taking it in a supplement – if so, you need to stop now!
  • Chapter Seven: The Common Brain Destroyer Nobody Knows About Can one of the most common harmless foods on earth be destroying the minds of millions? You may experience a remarkable surge of mind-power just by removing this one thing from your diet.
  • Chapter Eight: Stress - The Subtle Brain Destroyer Even if it's hard for you to get rid of stress in your life, you can prevent it from robbing you of this nutrient your brain needs for good health.
  • Chapter Nine: Could this One Mineral Be The Secret of Good Brain Health? You aren't taking this mineral now – almost no one does – but you will after you read this. For many people who take this, the change in their brain health is nothing short of a miracle.
  • Chapter Ten: The Dangers of Coffee Yes, it does damage your brain, and yes, we know it's wonderful and we don't want to give it up. So see the next chapter to find out what to do!
  • Chapter Eleven: Amazing Nutrients that Undo The Negative Effects of Coffee Go ahead and enjoy this "vice," and neutralize the damage with a supplement or two.
  • Chapter Twelve: Environmental Toxins That Attack Your Brain See our list of 24 common toxins that wreck your health – including your brain's health – and the best way to get rid of them.
Page 75. Stroke victims who had been taking high levels of this mineral had half the brain damage of those who didn't. Other studies show it prevents brain shrinkage and the plaques associated with Alzheimer's.
Page 27. This food was the only one studied proven to reduce the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's.
Page 4. Learn about the hidden link between brain health and this kind of pain - and what you can do to control it!
Page 63. Which of these memory-erasing drugs are in YOUR medicine cabinet?
Page 55. Just as you can sculpt your body, you can sculpt a more powerful mind by changing up this one thing in your daily routine.
Page 49. How to make your brain two years younger - without spending a penny!
Page 8. Science has proven the link between what's going on in your brain with what's going on in your gut - what exactly can your belly tell you about your brain?
Page 8. Which healthy "brain food" has been shown to counter the dangerous effects of this daily vice?
Use These Simple & Easy Tools, Tips, and Brain-Saving Secrets RIGHT NOW To Protect Your Mind For A Lifetime 
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